Thank Woo!

Thank woo! I’m off the couch! I get to walk today! Woo woo! I’m not allowed to fetch bumpers yet, but I will carry one on my walk. Need to put one paw in front of the other …let’s get moving! Woo woo 🐾. Have a #neverbeanbetterday

Recuperating with a Book

Since I’m still in a no play zone, I decided to read my book to Q ..woo woo! I learned how to read from a reading program for kids. They read to me and I tell them they are doing good with a woo woo 🐾. Click on my photo to see more of my comments, I mention you! What is your favorite children’s book? Woo woo 🐾

We Got Snow!

We have snow! I want to roll but mom says no! Guess I’ll just hug it instead and rub a little bit on my red head. Ugh …there goes a barn cat and a crazy chicken! I’ve been resting for two days and in dog years isn’t that a week?

Bean lying in snow
I’ll just give the snow a Bean hug…ahh…I like how it feels cool.

Bean In the Studio

Woo woo! I’m wooing something big! 🐾. I can’t wait to share it with all of you! I recorded my woo woo for a really special Bean wuv project that will include all of you! It’s been lots of prep and a big secret we kept! The “Bean Team” has been working like a dog from coast to coast to get ready to kickstart a project that’s really smart! I’ll soon be reporting the scoop first to you… on how you can help me fetch all that is needed to share the Bean wuv with those who most need it … woo woo 🐾 Stay tuned …

Rut Ruoh! I Hurt My Back

I’m on bed rest for a week! I can’t even get on my sofa! It made me yelp, so mom had to get me to the vet for help. The team at Country Companion Animal Hospital always takes wooftastic care of me. Dr. Casey said I have a back injury, so no fetching bumpers, no chasing barn cats, no wrestling with Q, no sneaking to the pond with Uncle Trooper, woo woo! I can, however, still share the Bean wuv 🐾 Pwease send wuv and good energy to me and I’ll share it back to you …woo woo 🐾 Share the Bean wuv!