Rappy Doctor’s Day!

Happy Doctors Day! Hoping all you docs out there have a wooftastic day! A special woo woo to the docs at North Valley Hospital in Whitefish, MT and to the medical staff at Penn State Health St. Joseph and HealthSouth in Reading, PA were I make rounds too! Woo woo 🐾 #happydoctorsday #northvalleyhospital #therapydog #thefutureofhealthcare #psu
Collage of Bean as therapy dog

Let It Snow

It’s definitely snowing and blowing! Too windy to play today! I went to woo something to Uncle Trooper and almost got blown away! Thought it was going to blow my eyebrows off! Woo woo 🐾

Sharing the Bean Wuv

I was busy making rounds today …woo woo. I was sharing the Bean wuv where my great-Nana stays…woo woo 🐾. I got to visit with her friends and the staff and other residents. When it was time to go back to her room, guess what? I thought she had a barn cat! Woo woo 🐾. But it’s a stuffed one that meows and all! Woo woo 🐾. Share some Bean wuv with my Nana, the residents and the staff at Mountain View! Woo woo 🐾

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

We hope you are all enjoying the luck of the Irish! Woo woo 🐾. We had a wooftastic time at our party at our sleep over at Nana’s house 🐾. A great time was had humoring the humans by me, Q and Maggie Moo 🐾#neverbeanbetter #stpatricksday #woowoo

Snow Day Report

It’s a #neverbeanbetter #snowday … it’s really coming down in #morgantownpa …that’s my report so it’s time to go play! #ilovesnowdays #woowoo

It’s a #neverbeanbetter #snowday … it’s really coming down in #morgantownpa …that’s my report so it’s time to go play! #ilovesnowdays #woowoo

Posted by Never Bean Better on Wednesday, March 7, 2018

In the Dog House

Uncle Trooper is in the dog house! Woo woo 🐾. He heard it’s March and to him that means spring training! So he took a polar plunge in the pond! Not me or Q! I was reporting on it tho …woo woo 🐾 Then human started barking because it’s 26 degrees and he’s going to freeze! He asked for a snack but is heading for the shower! Let’s share some Bean wuv with Uncle Poo …woo woo 🐾