Barking Up Big News

Now that the pack is back from holiday we are ready to get back to work! We have been barking around the clock for months working on a #neverbeanbetter video. We are getting doggone excited! Woo woo! The human team of Beansters are working on something that’s going to kickstart a movement and help us share even more Bean wuv! The wooftastic part is that we get to include all of you! Woo woo🐾. Hands and paws will high five around the globe! Stay tuned …woo woo🐾

Q Comes Home

Here comes Q… woo woo! I’ll fetch up some fun for her… I wuv my Q…woo woo🐾

Waiting for Q

I’m waiting for Q to come home from the Girl’s School! Woo woodog pawprints🐾. We have been counting the days! I’ll keep an eye on the barn cats too…woo

Off to Camp

High Ho … High Ho … it’s off to camp we go! We are still woofing it up for#uncletrooper week! In fact … today is officially Uncle Trooper’s 13th Birthday! Woo woo 🎂 We will be celebrating all weekend and will have the official steak and cake on Monday when Q returns from Girl’s School … woo woo 🐾. Share the Bean wuv with Uncle Poo and get out and do what you wuv to do! Live in the moment! Have a #neverbeanbetterday …woo woo 🐾

TBT Trooper’s Tiki Party

#tbt … last year’s Uncle Trooper Day celebration… woo woo! We had a wooftastic time at his Tiki Party … woo woo. Uncle Trooper wuvs swimming, fetching up fun and listening to Jimmy Buffet (he is especially fond of that cheeseburger song)… woo woo!

Shine Bright

Wednesday Woo from Uncle Trooper: Put on your favorite shades and shine! He says the #neverbeanbetter future is bright! He chose aviators for us because we have a #beanwuv project that is about to take flight!! Stay tuned … woo woo. Share the Bean wuv with us for #uncletrooperweek! Woo woo! Count town to #Birthday13! Woo woo!

Trooper wearing aviation sunglasses

Zen Garden Clean-up for Earth Day

Have a #neverbeanbetter #earthday … woo woo! We did a zen garden clean up at the Island getaway to get ready for Earth Day! We hope our guests wuv it! I thought mom was making us a new loo! She informed me that I was not in charge of watering and no fertilizer allowed. 😳. Woo woo 🐾