Q & Maggie Moo at Girl’s School

Greetings from Q at the Girl’s School. She and Maggie have picked out their outfits for the viewing of the Royal Wedding Party. They are borrowing hats with matching paw-ta bags from their Nana. Q wouldn’t miss the Big Royal day. Did you know she was born in Canada? Announcing Neversink Rio Carly Q of Morgantown and Maggie Moo of Coal Township. Woo woo 🐾

Q & Maggie dress up for Royal Wedding with hats and purses

Happy Momma’s Day

Happy Momma’s Day! These are my Mommas. Momma Ruby is the lady who created me and taught me the golden rules and Michelle is the human who humbly holds my leash. Wishing all those with the heart of a Momma a wooftastic day! Woo woo 🐾

Bean’s Latest Rug Design

At our Cedar Cables seaside inn, I though it would be nice to help the human with some of the redecorating. I’m well known for my rug designs. This medium was especially nice to work with. It was pliable and easy to add my Bean design. What’s a purr-sane rug… is that made from cat hair? Think she will like it? Be sure to check out my video commentary too … woo woo 🐾

Enjoy the Moment

Over the past couple of days Uncle Trooper and I have been in charge of an intervention… teaching a human how to relax and live in the moment. See we dogs are experts. Humans …most are clueless and need lots of help… click on our pics for a few #neverbeanbetter lessons we worked on with her … woo woo 🐾

Q Is Off to Girl’s School

Hi ho .. hi ho … it’s off to girls school Q goes… woo woo! We boys got to see her off and get a family pic before she made her trip North. It’s that time of year when Q gets to go to Nana’s house to stay for a month. She has here own room, gets to visit with her girlie BFFs and Nana makes the best snacks! Woo woo 🐾