Pennsylvania Canine Celebrity “Bean” Lands National Calendar Day NEVER BEAN BETTER DAY — August 22


(Morgantown, PA August 19, 2019)— “Bean”, celebrity Golden Retriever from Morgantown, Pennsylvania, lives to share Bean Wuv!  This lovable, socially popular, registered therapy dog, television actor, and canine spokes dog, landed a national calendar day on August 22 called Never Bean Better Day. The Registrar at National Day Calendar has declared Never Bean Better Day to be observed August 22 in perpetuity annually and encourages humans to learn a few dog tricks from their canine pals and take time to live in the moment during these dog days of summer.

Never Bean Better Day is about sharing joy of life with delight, said Michelle Drager, Never Bean Better Day spokesperson and Bean’s handler.  “This fun day recognizes the unconditional love dogs bring to human lives, and encourages all of us to live in the moment,” she explained.  This year, also honors the 10th birthday of Bean, a canine cancer survivor, who eagerly spreads his “wuv” by improving the lives of those who need it most,” she said. 

Like Bean says, “share the “Bean Wuv”  and do it generously, like dogs do, giving all their love with abandon in antics only canines know how to do. “Sometimes, they even have their own language, said Drager, as Bean does when crooning his over 75,000 social media followers with his infamous woo woo.” Join in the fun and share the #beanwuv by using the hashtags #NeverBeanBetterDay or #neverbeanbetter and tag @neverbeanbetterwoowoo and @neverbeanbetter to wish Bean a happy 10th birthday, or to share your dog days of summer pup pictures with Bean and all of his fans on social media. Get out and fetch up some fun! 

Don’t have a dog?  That’s okay, Bean is everybody’s dog! Follow the Never Bean Better™ tail on his social media pages and website at:  or on  Facebook: Instagram: Twitter or YouTube: “He’s a virtual therapy dog,” said Drager.

So what’s next for Bean?  This busy CE-Woo of Never Bean Better, Inc. and his Beansters are working like dogs on a number of entrepup-neurial opportunities in the info-tainment and edu-tainment industries. Plus, Bean has woo’d an opportunity to be an author of a series of books featuring Bean, as well as his canine pack and loved cartoon images. Bean has a giving paw, so he continues to grow his “Toys that Teach Giving ™ movement in helping to bring a buddy to all.

Newsflash – we are spilling the beans!  You are hearing it first! A new pup is joining the Never Bean Better pack.  According to Bean, “It’s a dog’s life, so live in the moment and stay tuned…woo woo.”


Born in Morgantown, Pennsylvania on August 22, 2009, with the canine registered name, Neversink’s Never Bean Better, and then residing in Columbia Falls, Montana for a few years and traveling North America before returning to his roots in Pennsylvania, this lovable Golden Retriever owned by Jim and Michelle Drager grew up to be an ambassador of love.  He became a registered therapy dog at the young age of two through the observation of Berks County Therapy Dog Group and certification through Alliance of Therapy Dogs, Inc., headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  He started making rounds as a young therapy dog for Penn State Health St. Joseph in Reading, Pennsylvania, and then spent three years serving as a comfort dog at North Valley Hospital in Whitefish, Montana. He has traveled North America sharing his Bean wuv, as a canine celebrity spokes dog.  Bean even ran for President, as a member of the Canine Party, while making a cross-country tour during the election in 2012.  He has brought joy to so many sick and disadvantaged children, lonely elderly, and woo’d to raise funds for his less fortunate canine brethren.  He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and played a dog that sensed the paranormal on Animal Planet’s television show, The Haunted. Most recently, he appeared on BCTV’s show Dog Is Family, along with the illustrator of his cartoon character, Mark Grounard from Shillington, Pennsylvania.  He is known around the globe for his woo woo.  When you ask, Bean answers.