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It will take a large pack of Beansters to create this Toys that Teach Giving™ movement. Every dollar that backs us is one step closer to helping us share the Bean wuv by manufacturing and distributing the Bean Buddy™, a small plush dog toy version of Never Bean Better’s lovable social media character.

The Never Bean Better™ dog toy we call the Bean Buddy™ is meant to bring joy to pups large and small, those who  have furever homes and those who are waiting on a “gotcha day.” Be a backer and help get this kindness movement started.  Give even more and if we reach our stretch goal not only will you get one for your canine kid … the Bean team will be able to drop one at a Never Bean Better approved shelter or rescue.

To share this much Bean wuv it takes some major beans. The more beans we raise, the more buddies we can share and the more products we can add to the Never Bean Better™ family. There is an entire product line that can be born from this firm of endearment such as additional plush buddies to share with children in need, books to accompany the Bean Buddies™ and additional plush buddies to grow the Never Bean Better™ family.  As an additional way to pay it forward, accessories, games, and healthy dog cookies and so much more are in store and a percentage of these products will be shared to make a difference to those in need!  The world needs more kindness and love to share.  Are you willing to back this Toys that Teach Giving™ movement?

Join the Bean Team

Join the Bean Team